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Fresh batch begins: June 2020


  1. Line-by-line analytical coverage of NCERT
  2. Conceptual clarity is stressed upon through pointers, flowcharts, mnemonics and examples
  3. Free counseling is provided incase if inclination towards choosing law as a career-option
  4. Guidance in answer-writing practice
  5. Free unlimited doubt-resolution sessions
  6. Sessions by qualified faculty

Kindly note: 
All our courses have the following common points of USP:

  1. Individual attention to doubt-resolution
  2. Regular student-feedback taken for teaching-improvement
  3. Most smart and practical way of teaching
  4. Qualified subject-experts and industry-professionals as faculty
  5. Most competitive fee-structure in light of our multiple USP-points, and also as compared to the market
  6. Dedicated Telegram group (optional) for self-paced learning, where relevant downloadable resources and helpful pointers shall be posted


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